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How gamers want to create better, safer spaces online in 2022

Shelby Brown

Dec. 26, 2021

While the gaming industry faces a reckoning decades in the making, the community is fighting for a better 2022.

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Creating new spaces for 2022

Unfortunately, even with streamers trailblazing change, harassment persists. The ADL cited identity-based harassment as a problem for young gamers identifying as Black or African American, female and Asian American. In the report, 74% of women, Black, Asian American, and LGBTQ gamers said they hide their identities while gaming.

Jill Kenney and Stephanie Peloza sought to change that by building an entirely new platform to give people the chance to be their authentic selves without fear of harassment.

"It was very clear that the gaming industry was built from the ground up by men for men and that not only were women being left out of the conversation, they were also being severely harassed when they turned their mics on when playing, and I am just not OK with that," Kenney told me. "It is time for change."

Kenney, Peloza and their team launched Paidia, a safe gaming community for women and allies of all genders on Nov. 10.