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Paidia gaming community promises safe space for female gamers and their allies

Shelby Brown

The online community is launching in beta as more people demand that gaming firms act against harassment and other issues.

Nov 10, 2021

Read more from the CNet article here:

Online gaming community Paidia launched the beta of its portal on Wednesday, aiming to deliver a secure environment for gamers in search of a supportive, inclusive and kind community. You can create an account on Paidia's website. But first, you must take the Paidia Pledge: a promise to denounce online harassment and abuse of any kind. After signing up, users get a 60-day free trial to explore the portal, and then it's $10 per month.

Paidia members will get access to a library of games, and they can host and play in tournaments, regardless of skill level, the company says. The portal also includes original content like articles, podcasts, audiobooks and on-demand classes, so gamers can explore and expand their interests. Members can get access to new technology, merchandise and gear from Razer and Xbox Game Pass as well.

About Paidia

Paidia is an inclusive gaming community that empowers gamers to safely connect, learn and play. Founded and supported by a diverse group of women, Paidia is led by industry experts who are motivated to provide sophisticated solutions that encourage positive voices within the gaming community. The fully-integrated portal delivers a secure environment for gamers in search of a supportive, inclusive and kind community. It features media and content experiences, tournaments and gameplay, rewards and prizing, live and on-demand classes, as well as the opportunity to engage with like-minded gamers.


Paidia: A word covering the spontaneous manifestations of the play instinct & the goddess of play and amusement.

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