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Paidia Launches New Women's Halo Infinite 2v2 League

April 20, 2022

Players Face-Off Over Six Months for the Ultimate Halo Championship Title 

And over $10,000 USD Prize Money

Tune In Beginning May 15 for Finals Gameplay Only on Paidia and Xbox Twitch 

@PaidiaGaming Socials: Instagram and Twitter


WHAT: Paidia - a women-led inclusive gaming company focused on empowering gamers to safely connect, learn and play - will kick-off a brand new women’s Halo Infinite 2v2 League, The Paidia Circuit, on April 25. The Paidia Circuit, Women’s 2v2 Halo Infinite League provides every player - from competitive to amateur - the opportunity to compete at a top level, develop their own talent and win over $10,000 USD in prize money!


Following an open call sign-up earlier this month to all women Halo Infinite players, the Paidia Circuit will kick-off on Monday and run over six months, with three seperate splits leading into a Top 8 Championship.  Each split will start with best-of-three pool play and finish with a best-of-five double elimination. Points from each split will be used to determine the qualification and seedings for the Championship.


League Format: 

  • 2v2 Gameplay

  • All Halo Infinite matches

    • Ranked Slayer

    • 25 Kills

    • BR starts

    • No Motion Tracker

    • Weapon Racks and Power Weapons

  • Competitive Settings

  • Cross-Platform

  • Maps: Aquarius, Live Fire, Streets, Recharge

  • More info on league format and rules here


The Paidia Circuit continues Paidia’s successful competitive gaming hostings including the “missharvey Invitational” and December 2021’s successful 2v2 Halo Infinite tournament. 



The Paidia Circuit, Split One

Start Date: April 25, 2022

Top 8 Finals: May 15, 2022  

Prize: $2000 USD

Format: Pool Play, Double Elimination Best-of-Five Finals


The Paidia Circuit, Split Two

Start Date: June 6, 2022

Top 8 Finals: June 25, 2022  

Prize: $2000 USD

Format: Pool Play, Double Elimination Best-of-Five Finals


The Paidia Circuit, Split Three:

Start Date: July 18, 2022

Top 8 Finals: August 6, 2022  

Prize: $2000 USD

Format: Pool Play, Double Elimination Best-of-Five Finals


The Paidia Circuit, CHAMPIONSHIP

Date: September 10, 2022 

Prize: $5000 USD

Format: Double Elimination Best-of-Five Finals


WHERE: Fans can watch all the action unfold during each Top 8 Finals split and the Championship match on Paidia and Xbox Twitch. Join our discord to find your teammate, read tournament rules and more info


ADDITIONAL INFO: For gamers looking to explore tournaments like this and the world of Paidia, anyone can now create an account at by first taking the “Paidia Pledge,” which denounces online harassment or abuse of any kind. 


Sign up at and follow @PaidiaGaming on Instagram and Twitter.


About Paidia

Paidia is an inclusive gaming community that empowers gamers to safely connect, learn and play. Founded and supported by a diverse group of women, Paidia is led by industry experts who are motivated to provide sophisticated solutions that encourage positive voices within the gaming community. The fully-integrated portal delivers a secure environment for gamers in search of a supportive, inclusive and kind community. It features media and content experiences, tournaments and gameplay, rewards and prizing, live and on-demand classes, as well as the opportunity to engage with like-minded gamers. Visit

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