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Paidia Gaming Launches Paidia Mgmt. 

A Mission Forward Talent Management Company Empowering Some of the Most Innovative Creators in the Digital Universe

VANCOUVER, BC, April 20, 2023 – Paidia Gaming, a women-led media, tech and gaming company that has built an inclusive community for like minded gamers to connect, learn and play, is excited to announce that it has launched a Talent Management Division.  Paidia Mgmt., specializes in managing women and diverse creators with niche, community-driven audiences within the gaming industry.


Paidia has signed 12 creators to its growing roster, which represents the new age of inclusivity as it is embodied by individual creators of varying race, gender, sexuality, age, body type, and disabilities. Many of the Paidia Mgmt. creators fall into categories that have been historically excluded from brand partnerships and professional management services. Paidia provides a gateway for brands to access these creators while staying true to its mission of elevating inclusive gamers and redefining digital culture. 

The roster is composed of long-time personalities and new faces in esports and gaming, including: Glowpinkstah, Blizz, Daydreamerdan, Stef Sanjati, Madi DuVernay, Naomi Lasagna, Fareeha, Camillachu, Lil Chaos, Jade Valkyrie, Lyrica and Kedapalooza.  


Paidia Mgmt. is led by Dre Kainuma, who brings over 10 years of experience working with large agencies including Underscore Talent, Wilhelmina, Netflix, DisneyABC and Ridley Scott Associates. Kainuma’s focus is to provide mission-driven management services that spotlight the creators and their communities. 


“It’s very exciting to see the significant level of support and interest in Paidia Mgmt.,” says Dre Kainmua, Head of Talent. “Each creator comes with deeply loyal communities, and innovative ideas for positively evolving the digital space.  Paidia recognizes them as the entrepreneurs they are, and empowers  them to amplify social impact, by working with forward thinking brands to execute innovative and integrated campaigns”. 


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About Paidia


Paidia is an inclusive gaming community that empowers gamers to safely connect, learn and play. Founded and supported by a diverse group of women, Paidia is led by industry experts who are motivated to provide sophisticated solutions that encourage positive voices within the gaming community. The fully-integrated portal delivers a secure environment for gamers in search of a supportive, inclusive and kind community. It features media and content experiences, tournaments and gameplay, rewards and prizing as well as the opportunity to engage with like-minded gamers. 


Paidia: A word covering the spontaneous manifestations of the play instinct & the goddess of play and amusement.

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